6 Benefits of Content Marketing to Businesses in Kenya

They say content is king but how exactly does it help your business?  Kenyan brands are increasingly recognizing the importance of content in their marketing campaigns. Unlike the traditional boring ads we were used to seeing on our televisions now we have funny yet informative content. For instance, the Faiba advert has won numerous awards including being recognized by Forbes for its creative yet targeted content.

Let’s start by defining content marketing. Content marketing is a marketing approach aimed at creating and distributing relevant, consistent and valuable content to attract and retain a defined audience that can convert to customers. This means that you need a clearly defined marketing goal in order to execute a successful content marketing strategy. You need to have a better understanding of your marketing objectives rather than making random posts on social media. You also need to consider the benefits of your content to the target audience. You should understand their interests, wants, needs and concerns and determine how your products and services help satisfy them. The content should also be valuable in a way that people must feel like they have been entertained or learned something. If executed effectively and efficiently, content marketing can benefit your business in the following ways:

  1. Improve your conversion.

The ultimate goal of any marketing effort is to boost your conversion. Studies indicate that content marketing yields 6 times higher conversion rate compared to other digital marketing strategies. Through content marketing, you are able to educate your customers by blogging or creating an ebook about a particular topic in your industry. This goes a long way in building relationships and trust with your consumers. It also provides consumers with adequate information to make an educated purchasing decision thus encouraging conversions.

2. A cheaper method of marketing

Besides driving leads to your business, another reason why you should invest in content marketing is because it is  affordable compared to the traditional marketing methods. Research indicates that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods and generates 3 times many leads. It is thus the best marketing strategy for small businesses looking for higher leads at a relatively lower budget. This is because competing with big companies willing to invest huge amounts of many may be draining for a start-up. However, by creating quality content you can attract more leads than you would through content marketing. Studies show that for every shilling you spend on content marketing, you earn 3 times as many leads as paid search Ads. However, it is worth noting content marketing may take a while before yielding substantial results. Nonetheless, it will also serve your brand for a longer period of time through lead generation. Unlike traditional marketing tactics, great content may last for years of lead generation without extra investments. As mentioned earlier, you need to create content that resonates with your target market in terms of satisfying their needs and wants. This also involves selecting a strategic topic, promotional methods, and production assets.

3. Differentiating you from competitors

Competition is present in almost every industry and your strength as a brand is determined by your ability to differentiate yourself from competitors. Content marketing provides an effective way to differentiate yourself from others by focusing on your uniqueness. The subject and topics of your content provide a differentiating factor between you and the competitors. If a buyer finds your content to provide a solution to their unique needs then they are more likely to work with you than the competitors. This boils down to the type of content you create and how it satisfies specific consumer needs.

4. Boosts your brand authority

By creating content about a topic in your industry you are telling the consumers that you have a better and deeper understanding of the topic. This, not only help establish a good brand reputation, but it also reinstates your authority in the industry. For example, if you are a fashion designer and blog about fashion trends in Kenya then you are simply telling consumers that you understand what’s happening in the fashion industry. By creating quality content you also attract inbound links to your website from other industry players and bloggers which further boosts your brand authority. The increase in the number of links from other websites and social media mentions is a reflection of trust they bestow to your brand. Consequently, the trust converts into a surge in revenue as the number of people willing to work with you increases.

5. Increase in search engine ranking

Increased search engine ranking, in this case, means increased traffic to your website. Google is the biggest search engine in the world with more than 1 trillion queries annually. By positioning yourself on the first page of the search engine it’s no doubt that you are likely to attract a higher traffic. This starts by strategically researching keywords that will enable you to reach the target audience. The keywords should not only suit your brand goals but should also attract a qualified traffic to the website. Second, engage your consumers by ensuring that your content is interactive by including a call to action. You can then submit the pages to Google for indexing. Consistent content creation attracts more visitors hence earning trust from search engines. The more visitors and the quality the content the higher you rank on search engines.

6. Building relationship with customers

Repeat customers are the backbone of every small business.  Research shows that 61% of small business revenues come from repeat customers. Therefore, creating a good relationship with your loyal customers is as important as looking for new ones. This is where content marketing comes in. After converting leads to the customer, content marketing boosts their brand loyalty by strengthening your relationship with them which in turn generates repeat sales. Creating content like “how to” tutorials go a long way in helping customers learn more about your products. Informative visual content explaining how to use your products provides more value to customers hence encouraging repeat sales. Moreover, content such those providing product or service comparisons help customers make educated purchasing decisions thus adding more value. They also help strengthen their trust in your business hence encouraging repeat sales.