5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Business Communication in Kenya


It is undeniable that Email Marketing still plays a significant role in the modern business communication despite the boom of social networks. Email remains one of the most effective and efficient methods of business communication. Statistics indicate that more than 34% of the world population use email translating to 2.5 billion people. This figure is expected to grow in the near future as more people from are fast embracing the technology. Put simply, how many people do you know who own smartphones without an email address. Most smartphones now require users to have email accounts to gain access to the app stores. Without email you will not be able to even update the inbuilt phone applications leave alone purchasing or downloading new ones.

Now let’s bring it home, Kenya is the leader in internet penetration in the Sub-Saharan Africa at 83% followed by Nigeria at 81%. According to a report by Jumia, Kenyans access the internet mainly through mobile phones. The report dubbed 4th White Paper also indicated that Kenya’s smartphone uptake had increased from 2016 to 2017. This means that a brand message can be personalized and delivered instantly through the smartphones. Therefore, if your business is not utilizing email marketing then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Here are some of the benefits of email marketing in business communication.

1. Universality of Email

Email is everywhere and used by almost everyone. Don’t get it wrong, we are not saying that you should use email because everyone is using it. However, the universality of email creates a great marketing opportunity that your competitors can leverage to stay ahead. It is no doubt that social networking sites such as Instagram , Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become more popular than email. However, it is also true that one needs an email to create an account with most if not all of these social networks. Therefore, email still remains a primary means of communication for individuals and businesses. Moreover, a number of people use internet for banking, shopping, making phone calls or even paying bills. However, all these services require email accounts and this leaves your business with no option but to follow suit. Email remains the primary channel of communication where your business can reach clients on a personal level.

2. Cost effective

Email marketing is easy and inexpensive method of advertising. As a business owner you can reach a significant number of consumers through email marketing without spending a dime. Research performed on US retailers also shows that email marketing is one of the most effective methods of acquiring new customers. It provides a chance for small businesses to promote their brands at considerably lower budgets as compared to traditional marketing channels such as radio, or TV.

Conventional marketing methods like print advertising you need to budget for design and printing of fliers or posters then distributing them to random or uninterested consumers. However, with emails you are not only able to create the imagery but you can also have instant feedback on consumer’s reaction to your advertisement. What’s more is that email marketing allows you to reach potential customers who had shown interest in your products and services by subscribing to your newsletter. By maintaining a closer relationship with your recipients your cost benefits and ROI increases. Considering the higher rates of response that email marketing generates you are assured of instant response at a relatively lower unit cost.

3. Traceable and Measurable

Email marketing is important because it makes it easier for you track and measure responses from your recipients. This is better than distributing fliers where someone would accept your flier but you wouldn’t be able to know what they use it for afterwards. Similarly, TV or Radio advertisement might expose your brand to a larger audience but your will not be able to measure its impact and the conversion. With email marketing software you can track how recipients reacted to your email such who opened, what links did they click or who were dissatisfied with the message and unsubscribed from your email list. You can then use this information to assess the impact of your campaign and determine how to improve it.

A number of email marketing software allows you to perform split testing of the emails. Split testing is vital for your email marketing campaigns because it provides rich data about the subscribers. It allows you to understand how your subscribers respond to certain types of subject lines such as “Now On sale”, “Free”, or “20 Percent Off”. You are also able to determine how your subscribers respond to certain message introductions. Therefore, you are able to test, measure and improve upon such features of email marketing.

4. Humanization of the Campaign

Another reason for investing in Email Marketing is because you are able to personalize your campaign messages. Humanization allows you to personalize your emails in a way that resonates with your consumers or readers. Email marketing allows you to segment your audience and send them tailored email messages that provide value to them. Through email marketing you are able to target individual with carefully curated message delivered privately to their personal inbox. This would take decades if you were to do it on social networks especially when you have large number of followers. Moreover, with email marketing you can segment the audience into list and send specific email messages to certain group of members.  It gives you a chance to engage customers at a convenient time thus enabling you to build relationships with current and past customers and generate leads.

5. Constant and instant delivery and access

As mentioned earlier the increased uptake of mobile phones has made it possible for instant access to emails. People are often checking emails either at work, while stuck in the traffic jam, or out in the shopping malls. A study on daily activities on smartphones indicates that 91% of people use phones to access email as compared to 75% who use them for social networking. Let’s consider a typical example. People spend an average of 1 hour to 2 hours in Nairobi traffic jam which translates to one hour marketing chance. You can reach many people if you are to target this population and deliver your email messages during peak hours such in morning when people are going to work and in the evening coming back.