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Welcome to Pryton Technologies

Pryton Technologies is a full-service digital agency offering strategic digital marketing, web design and graphics design. We increase your conversion rate through coordinated marketing approaches including content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), social media marketing, and Digital Marketing Training.

We offer 360∘ digital marketing solutions

We take pride in our data-backed digital marketing strategies. With a wide range of expertise, experience and tools we develop and execute your projects by carefully curating content and optimize it through SEO. Pryton technologies offers 360∘ digital marketing solutions including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and web development. We have a young passionate team comprising of specialists in content development, analytics, search marketing, and web development ready to work human-to-human to deliver your project. Our digital marketing strategies are measurable and therefore we take reasonable accountability for the results to ensure that ROI is realized.

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Search Engine Optimization

We use data to drive our SEO strategy based on one success metric:ROI. We have a team of SEO experts ready and happy to position your website(s) where it will attract traffic that can convert to buying customers.

We perform keyword search to generate theme-based keyword
We tune your website to the rhythm of search engine Bots
We help you stay ahead of competitors through off-page optimization
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Content Marketing

We take a scientific approach to content marketing by creating high-quality content including blog posts, gated content, guest-contributed content and email newsletters.

We develop data-backed content marketing strategy
We perform extensive research to generate appropriate and valuable content
We create interesting, engaging, readable and SEO-friendly content.

Social Media Marketing

We understand the importance of engaging your clients rather than just broadcasting one-way sales messages created by the marketing agency.

We evaluate the social media networks to identify those talking about your brand, what they think and what they’re saying.
We promote your brand through social Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
We promote your brand online and offline through influencers

Web Design

Pryton Technologies designs your website with the audience and client in mind. We factor in the target audience in the design by understanding their needs, characteristics and problems.

We create personalized designs that match the strengths of your brand and budget
We use collaborative design approach to ensure that we capture your ideas and expectations.
We incorporate social profiles, your blog and call-to-actions to convert visitors to buyers.

Email Marketing

At Pryton Technologies we specialize in developing compelling email marketing strategies to communicate your brand message effectively to your customers.

We design professional email marketing messages.
We identify the best email marketing platform that suits your business
We analyze your email list for appropriate segmentation.
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