How you can use Penji Kenya to promote your Blog or Business

Penji Kenya is a question and answer network based in Kenya. Just like other question and answer platforms out there such as Quora, Answers and Yahoo answer,  Penji Kenya is a great tool to promote your brand and blog. But unlike others, Penji Kenya focuses on matters strictly Kenyan and in some cases, users even use local language. The importance of Penji Kenya as a strategic promotion tool is that users know what they want. Therefore, answering questions in a valuable manner and including relevant links to your content can earn you more traffic.

  1. Content Research

Producing content for your blog or website is not just about ranking high on search engines. Your content must be valuable and interesting enough to attract and retain readers. As a blogger or marketer, you can research blog ideas by asking questions related to their upcoming campaigns or posts to gather ideas. Penji Kenya is a place where people come to seek information they truly need. That’s what makes it an ideal place to research and understand what your target audience is really interested in. You can take a few hours to browse different topics on the website to find lots of blog ideas. You can identify questions asked by your target audience and adapt your content to address such questions. Moreover, you can win a chance for backlinks if you provide convincing answers with relevant links. Once you create the content you can then go back and give answers to the questions and add a link to your content. Therefore, it is important to make a habit of answering related questions on Penji Kenya whenever you publish a blog post.

2. Competitor analysis

Some of the most important aspects of competitor analysis are to understand your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, the threats they pose to you and the potential opportunities they make available for your business. To determine these aspects of competitor’s analysis you need to keep your ears open to what customers say about you. This is where Penji Kenya comes in. It offers an open platform where customers can freely talk about businesses in different areas ranging from quality of services to customer care. By listening to their conversations you can identify an opportunity where you can chime in with a unique value proposition. For example, if people are complaining about a service or product of your competitor, you can come in with a solution and drop a link to your website. However, always remember to add value first by answering a question rather than just dropping a link.

3. Promoting brand reputation

Penji Kenya also allows you to have a complete profile with name, location, business and a link to your business website. It also has a user section where users are listed in order based on the number of points earned. You can take advantage of this to build a professional reputation by answering as many questions as possible related to your profession in a compelling manner. This will not only boost your brand but it can also earn you more customers. You can also boost your brand reputation by monitoring people’s conversations regarding your brand or industry which helps you stay ahead of the conversation. You can set up Google Alerts with queries related to your brand such as “Penji ‘you brand name’”. Just as you would use Facebook or Twitter for this purpose, you can utilize Penji Kenya to promote your brand reputation by responding to people’s concerns regarding your products and services.

4. Inbound marketing

The reason why people check reviews before purchasing your products or services is because they need reliable information from someone they can trust. This is why Penji Kenya has verification system where users can vote an answer up or down. Like Quora, Penji Kenya builds trust for its users by allowing them to log in through their Facebook accounts. You can thus build trust with prospective customers by sharing valuable information about your expertise or business for that matter. You can also share links to content about your products or blog post. However, be sure to add value to the community before sharing a link otherwise you will be damaging your reputation instead.

Here are some of the strategies to using Penji Kenya

  • Search for questions related to your keyword or content.
  • Provide compelling answers to relevant threads with links to your blog
  • Maximize on threads with few comments or answers to increase your chances of CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • If necessary, include multimedia like images to increase viewership