How to Choose a Domain Name in Kenya

Apparently you are an IT officer of a certain financial institution which requires you to come up with an appropriate name for the company’s website, or you are an entrepreneur looking for a domain name for your start-up. Domain name in this context is your online identity, the means through which your customers finds you. Therefore, an ideal domain name should match your brand name for easy access by your clients. For instance, if your brand name is “Safaricom”, then would be an ideal domain name. Similarly for a blogger or a designer who would wish to be identified by their real names, using your name as the domain name is equally important. The following steps are vital for choosing an effective domain name especially for branding purposes as well as easy access to your customers.

                                Internet Domain Suffixes

choosing domain name in kenya

The domain suffixes enable people identify domain names on the internet. There are different types of domain suffixes such as the famous .com for commercial enterprises and businesses, .ke  for Kenya, for second level Kenyan domain used for commercial sites, .ac or .edu for Educational network, .za for South Africa, .org for non-profit organization sites and much more you can find a full list at So the question is which suffix is appropriate for my business. If your target clients are based in a specific country, then a suffix for that country is the best choice. For instance, If you are running a sales business in Kenya, say jumia, then is ideal. This is advantageous especially when a potential customer looks up your brand name through a search engine like Google. Most search engines can locate a client’s country and hence will suggest your website if it matches the search query. Similarly, if you target international audience, then a .com or .org will be ideal depending on the type of your business.

                                    Unique Domain Name

As I mentioned earlier, Domain name is your online identity and thus needs to be unique so that your customers can find you easily. Let us take, for example, you offer web services operating under a name webexperts, yet there are some websites out there with the same name the possibility of a client confusing your website for others is high. For a startup, you might have several choices because searching a business name could incorporate the process of acquiring a related domain name. However, for an established business the choices are restricted the existing brand name. All in all, it is important to get a unique domain name to avoid cases where visitors might be directed to competitor’s site due to the spelling or pronunciation issues. Moreover, for a startup, choosing a unique business name is important to avoid extra expenses of buying an already registered domain name.

                         Develop and satisfy Expectations


An appropriate domain name should be able to create expectation and be able to satisfy it. That is to say that your domain name should resonate with the services being offered. For instance, suggests to a visitor that it deals in Artificial Intelligence topics like Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

                               Easy typing and Remembrance

Although some may argue that the ease with which your website can be remembered depends on how famous your brand, it also depends on the avenue through which your business gains recognition. One of the most crucial among such marketing avenues is the word-of-mouth. A word-of-mouth marketing depends on the ease with which the domain name can be recalled. A terrible domain name difficult to remember can thus hinder its marketing value. Furthermore, if typing your domain name requires extra attention because of its length or spelling, then you stand high chances of losing your branding value.

Finally, after identifying an appropriate domain name for your website, it is important that you create relevant and sufficient information for your potential visitors or customers for that matter. One of the terrible ways you can lose your branding value is by losing customer’s trust. When a customer looks up for your business or services on a search engine, they hope to find specific information. However, they get disappointed if they stumble into a blank page or completely different information. Furthermore, your content should be search engine friendly for easy finding. You can create the content by yourself or hire a professional. Fortunately, there are several firms providing content creation services such as Pryton Technologies, among others.