Social Media Management Tools in Kenya

Let’s assume you are web marketer or just a social media manager for your organization, or maybe you are a social media “addict” then you must be juggling multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare among other. Managing all the accounts can be difficult especially if u have to update them on daily basis. Fortunately, there are Social Media management tools which can enable you manage the accounts under one umbrella. Based on the tool of your choice some even offer analysis and reports to enable you understand your audience better. By definition, Social Media Management systems are a set of procedures for managing workflow in different social medial environments. Such procedures can be computer-generated or manual and can enable you publish, listen, aggregate and manage various social media networks from a single tool.

Let me give an overview of how the tools work. Basically, it connects to social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook. It then allows you to publish to those channels from one platform or location. Thirdly, it gives you capability of managing and aggregating social data, some offer conversion metrics and analysis. There are many tools both free and premium available in the market for social media management. They include Argyle Social, Webtrends, SproutSocial, Sprinklr, Shoutlet, Hootsuite, Involver, Mutual Mind, Seesmic among others find a long listing at . However, today I am going to focus on two of the most famous ones; Hootsuite and SproutSocial


Hootsuite is among the best tools available for social media management. Hootsuite enables users connect their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn and WordPress and Mixi under its umbrella providing them with a convenient scheduling feature. Once logged in, Hootsuite provides streams where user can monitor mentions and timeline and tweets based on the structure of the network. It also allows one manage their twitter accounts and posts on LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Although it does not provide access to one’s Google+ personal account, users can manage their pages conveniently. Hootsuite provides great tweeting capabilities such as a search feature where a user can develop stream for a particular hashtag or participate in a twitter chat. The search feature also enables one find latest events on Twitter as well as revealing current world trends.

Hootsuite also contains a message-composing feature where one can create new posts and send to recipients in their connected accounts, the feature also allows one to select accounts to send a message. Hootsuite also offers robust scheduling feature to allow for effective planning. By selecting time and date of one’s choosing it enables one to schedule posts. Another important feature of Hootsuite is the link shortener which allows one to shrink links and place them in the compose field. Moreover, Hootsuite offers a number of browser extensions where one can post their content without opening the application. Finally, Hootsuite recognizes importance of social media security and provides an authentication setting where users can choose a preferred way of connecting to the application.

Sprout Social

sprout social social media management tool

Sprout Social on the other hand is a social media management tool for Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and focuses mostly on Twitter which it declares compulsory for sign up process. It is one of the most popular social media tools for premium use. The most significant feature of Sprout is its simplicity with no learning curve hence easy to use. Sprout also provides connection to Freedly where one can share their articles from their RSS feeds. Sprout provides significant usage reports regarding the social accounts which can enable one discover new people in their network to follow or unfollow as well as being able to schedule updates in advance. Sprout consists of six self-explanatory tabs for management which include Home, Feeds, Messages, Discovery, Publishing and Reports. The Home tab provides a quick review of some numbers and trends, account statistics, demographics of the audience, links to profiles, inbox, tasks list and team members. The messages tab helps one keep track of mentions, comments, as well as notifications from social media networks and sent updates. The messaging tab provides solution to unnecessary clutter of items through toggles where one can specify items to display in the inbox. Moreover, one can archive or translate messages turning them into tasks.

Through sprout’s publishing tab, one ca send out updates to their preferred networks and individuals. One can also schedule the updates and RSS feeds as they tend best.  It also has feature known as Sprout Queue which is a list of convenient times one needs to set up updates in advance so that they can add posts by a single click. Sprout Social also contains additional features to enhance its functionality and security. Such include support for multiple departments, profiles and companies, ability to specify specific roles and permission levels, analytics and mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

This article is not meant to dictate your choice of a specific management tool but inform you of some of the features you can take advantage of. However, there are multiple tools in the market to choose from, but you need research on their pros and cons just to make sure it suits your needs.