The Kenyan blogging industry is fast growing as many as new and established bloggers create content on different issues including education, politics, trending topics, and entertainment among other. Clearly, the business is well rewarding both financially and in terms of establishing reputation in the digital space. This is evident as many bloggers have dominated Kenyan social media space in addressing social issues in the country or business promotions through trending topics on Twitter. However, the reward does not come easily as it requires hard work, persistence, and passion to create content and drive traffic to the blog. The hard part about blogging is doing research to curate content that is not only relevant but also interesting to your audience.

However, having well curated and interesting content does not guarantee maximum viewership. You have to put in extra effort to get noticed especially if you are a beginner with a few followers. There are many websites and social networks to promote your content. However, before posting it out there you need to ask yourself where your audience is likely to be found, what value you offer them in terms of solving their problems. Let’s share some of the places you can promote your content in Kenya. Before we proceed to the list I would like to draw your attention to Search Engine Optimization. Although it is not listed here, SEO is the first step to promoting your content online in order to drive traffic from search engines. You should ensure that your blog post is search engine optimized through keyword and image optimization to make sure that it has all the quality signals.

1. Social Media


Being a micro blogging site, Twitter is one of the best places to promote your blog. It still remains the best site for trending stories and topics, latest news, events updates, pop cultures as well as announcements. Kenya has one of the most active and vibrant Twitter usages in Africa popularly known as KOT with several different trending topics on daily basis cutting across various topics including celebrities, politics, technology, education and social issues among others. Being active in an area of your interest is one of the ways to gain followers which can then convert to your audience. Here are some tips for promoting your blog on Twitter.

  • Although twitter increased its character limit from 140 to 280 it is still important to be concise with your posts.
  • You can take advantage of trending topics relevant to your blog to share your content.
  • Post your blog repeatedly like twice in a week to ensure that it reaches those who missed the first post.
  • Hashtags are the most important search elements on Twitter and you can take advantage of this by including them in your tweets.
  • Twitter is the greatest platform for influencer marketing as compared to other social networks. You should consider teaming up with a thought leader or influencer and have them retweet your posts.


Facebook is arguably the largest social network with billions of users. In fact, research shows that 25% of the social referral traffic comes from Facebook. You can achieve higher leads on Facebook by:

  • Posting your content using less commercial images
  • Making the posts more personal and intimate by fostering healthy dialogue with your followers.


As a visual social bookmarking site Pinterest can be useful for attracting referral traffic especially if you can create good graphics. It has group boards where you can promote your posts for referral traffic.


LinkedIn is a professional network with users who know what they want to read and see. This means that you can earn real targeted traffic by sharing your blog post there. However, it is important to build a genuine relationship and provide value to your readers in order to get considerable traffic. Here are some of the tips for posting on LinkedIn.

  • It is important that you maintain professionalism when posting on LinkedIn since the platform is mainly about business mentality.
  • Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn allows for publishing a full However, you should also understand that full post will only drive traffic to LinkedIn and not your blog. Nonetheless, you can use full post establish a writing reputation on LinkedIn and include links to your main blog site. For example, you can post a 300 words introduction to your blog on LinkedIn and provide a link to the main content on your website.
  • LinkedIn has groups for almost every topic where you can interact with group members and share your content with them.

2. Penji Kenya

Penji Kenya is a question and answer network based in Kenya. Just like other question and answer platforms out there such as Quora, Answers and Yahoo answer,  Penji Kenya is a great tool to promote your brand and authority. But unlike others, Penji Kenya focuses on matters strictly Kenyan and in some cases, users even use local language. The importance of Penji Kenya as a strategic promotion tool is that users know what they want. Therefore, answering questions in a valuable manner and including relevant links to your content can earn you more traffic.

Penji Kenya can also be used by bloggers and marketers for research by asking questions related to their upcoming campaigns or posts to gather ideas. In such cases, you can win a chance for backlinks if you provide convincing answers with relevant links.

Penji Kenya also allows you to have a complete profile with name, location, business and a link to your business website. It also has a user section where users are listed in order based on the number of points earned. You can take advantage of this to build a professional reputation by answering as many questions as possible related to your profession in a compelling manner. This will not only boost your brand but it can also earn you more customers.

Here are some of the strategies to using Penji Kenya

  • Search for questions related to your keyword or content.
  • Provide compelling answers to relevant threads with links to your blog
  • Maximize on threads with few comments or answers to increase your chances of CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • If necessary, include multimedia like images to increase viewership

Therefore, it is important to make a habit of answering related questions on Penji Kenya whenever you publish a blog post.

3. Bake (Bloggers Association in Kenya)

BAKE is a community association of Kenyan bloggers and content creators focused on promoting free expressions and online content creation. If you are a dedicated blogger with passion then BAKE is one of the best platforms to promote your content. The good thing about BAKE is that they train you how to blog. They hold workshops where you can meet experienced bloggers and learn from them.  They have a membership program at a fee of Ksh. 1000 for individual bloggers and Ksh. 2000 for corporates. Once you become a member they allow you to upload your blogs on the website for more exposure. You are also listed on their membership page with links to your blog hence further boosting your exposure.

The most important content promotion avenue provided by BAKE is the blogger’s Award program. Once you become a member, BAKE sets up a blog tracker on your website which will be used to assess and rank your content against others in your industry. Consequently, top bloggers are awarded in the BAKE Awards ceremony held annually. This can be a turning point for you if selected among the top bloggers since the ceremony is often shown on top media sites and TV channels in Kenya.

4. Guest blogging

Guest blogging enables you to have other sites linking back to your post. This is vital for boosting search engine ranking as well as driving direct traffic to your post. Having a long-tailed keyword as an anchor text in the backlink can make the post rank higher on search engines. This is best achieved by having guest posts on other blogs especially the popular ones with a direct link to your post. There are several blogs in Kenya that allow guest blogging, some paid and some not paid, focusing on different topics including education, politics, technology, fashion, public service, business and many more. However, they have different guest blogging terms and policies, you just have to understand and select the most favorable to your objective. Some of the websites include:

Info Hub  – Writes about general topics including entertainment, politics, banking, business, education, and agriculture among others.

Kenya Today – writes about local news, gossip, and politics

Zuru Kenya– Kenya’s travel and lifestyle magazine

Android Kenya– Writes about matters Android including latest news, analysis, tips, and reviews.

Cyprian Nyakundi  – Writes about politics, governance, corporate fraud, and human-interest.

Kenya Yote – Writes about educational news and resources.

Prices in Kenya – writes about technology reviews, gadget reviews, and informational articles.

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