Social media usage in Kenya is fast growing with statistics indicating up to 71% Facebook usage. Kenyans have exploited the social media space to connect with friends and family as well as for business purposes. Kenya has the highest percentage of internet penetration in Africa at 85% followed by Seychelles at 70% and Tunisia at 67%. With more than 7 million Facebook subscribers the country is fifth in the continent. Going by the statics it is safe to argue that social media industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. As many Kenyans join social media and maintain regular use, it is bound to boom like never before. It is thus important for businesses to take advantage of this opportunity by utilizing proper social media channels effectively. It gives business an opportunity to connect with customers on personal level and generate more business. By understanding your customers you learn to serve them better hence the benefits of social media marketing to your business. Here are some of the reasons why social media marketing is important to your business.

1. Driving traffic to website

Inbound traffic generates one of the most relevant traffic to the website which can easily convert. It exposes your brand to more users beyond your customer circle and by ignoring social media you run the risk of losing out on this opportunity. By being  consistent with your social media promotion you are able to drive targeted inbound traffic. One way to utilize social media to drive inbound traffic is by sharing valuable content on social media networks. It opens up your reach to a bigger audience; attract inbound traffic which in turn converts to customers. It also helps you reach out to the untapped segment of users who are not searching for keywords related to your brand.

Social media is also an important tool for diversifying your marketing efforts. It allows you reach out to a versatile customer base. This also allows you to classify your audience and provide targeted marketing hence high ROI. For example, using Instagram or Facebook allows you to connect with the youth and millennial while LinkedIn enables you connect with committed professionals. Therefore, creating valuable content  and consistency in social media posting can enable you increase your inbound traffic which can ultimately convert to sales.

2. User receptiveness

Billboards and mainstream media are often viewed by people as marketing machines and thus users are not readily receptive of your message. However, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provides a social space where they interact freely with your brand. Therefore, they are likely to consume your post as a way to connect with you rather than just an advertisement.  Moreover, unlike other marketing channels, social network gives them a chance to interact with your post by giving opinions about your brand. This can then be converted to web traffic when the post s are linked to your site.


3. Higher Rates of Conversion

There are a few distinct ways through which social media marketing provides higher conversion rates. As mentioned earlier social media is a space where brands behave like people. Through social media, brands are able to connect with customers on a personal level.  This element of humanization is one of the most significant ways through which brands increase their conversion rates. This is because people like dealing with people as opposed to companies. Social media also helps improve credibility and trust in your brand. The higher the number of followers on social media the higher your trust level which can in turn boost conversion rates among the social media users.

4. Increased Brand Recognition or awareness

Social media networks offer new channels to increase visibility of your brand and content. It also makes you easily accessible to new customers thus improving your familiarity to existing customers. Ignoring social media while performing brand awareness only leaves an open ground for your competitors. Here are some of the strategies to increase your brand awareness on social media;

  • Finding where your audience is or the social networks they use most through research.
  • After identifying your audience now you can grab their attention through interesting and eye-catching content such as videos and images.
  • The next step is to engage your audience by listening and talking to the people.
  • Grabbing your audience’s attention and engaging them is not enough if you don’t know how it is impacting your marketing efforts. It is important to track and measure your social media activity. Tools such as those provided by the networks like Facebook page Insights as well as external tools can come in handy. You can then utilize the insights gained to determine what’s working for your business. Consequently, you can be able to optimize your activity to boost your brand awareness.
  • You can also boost your brand awareness and achieve higher rate of engagement by building authority. This is achieved by creating real value to users by posting relevant and valuable content.

5. Improved customer insights

The growth of every business depends on its ability to listen to customer and tune its products and services towards their needs. Social media enables you to gain valuable information about the customers’ needs and behavior. You can monitor user interactions to understand what they actually think of your brand. Moreover, social media gives you the opportunity to segment your content to determine which ones generate more interest and focus on that niche. Social media networks also enable you to measure conversions of different posts hence the ability to identify what works for your business.

6. Decreased cost of Marketing

Finally, let’s talk matters finance. Compared to conventional marketing channels, paid social media advertising through Twitter and Facebook is relatively cheap. Now you can promote a post for as low as Ksh. 110 on Facebook. Depending on your marketing goals you are likely to spend lesser compared to billboards or TV. By starting small you will not have to worry about higher budget. After you understand what to expect, you can then increase your budget bit by bit as you monitor performance in terms of conversion.

Well, there you have it. If you feel intrigued about social media marketing feel free to email us on info(at) or call us on +254 779373342 for more. You can also request for free social media analysis to help you identify areas that need improvement.